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Take Moor Care!

Ignoring the weird numerical editing, who doesn't love a good pun. This one is often seen on Dartmoor, and will now remind me that I need to show the place a bit moor care...   Happy new year! This year after Christmas at acceptably small family gatherings, Lorna and I had new year with the dogs in a shed (converted for Air B&B purposes) near Horrabridge, on the south western corner of Dartmoor. While we were there I decided I'd fit in a long run. Living as we currently do in Cornwall we don't really see much cold weather. I haven't run in long legs since we moved here and short sleeves had been the best choice for most of December. Not like the good old multi-layer days in the frozen north! Having not done a proper long run for months and having a bit of a cold, my initial plan to try to full Dartmoor 500s (100km, 3400m ascent) seemed a bit foolish so I decided on a revised plan: I'd run in from our accomodation to the south west corner of the 500s, then run vi