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Pennine Way. Epic Fail.

I will write this like one of those films where you get the ending first, then we go back to the start to see how we ended up there. So, I didn't finish the Pennine Way. I stopped at Horton-in-Ribblesdale yesterday morning. Since getting home I have made good progress... I can now get up from chairs on my own, and no longer have to crawl down the stairs on my backside! Wednesday 15th: Got the train to Berwick-on-Tweed, then a taxi to Town Yetholm. Set up at the campsite, made some food and settled down for an early night at about 9pm. Forgot that I am actually in Scotland, hence midges! Nice campsite though. The night before Thursday 16th: Set the alarm for 4am, tent packed away and ready to go by about half past (having fought with more midges) then wandered across the river to Kirk Yetholm and the start of the Pennine Way at 4:45. At the start - the "already bedraggled" look is deliberate So off I went, out of Yetholm in some slight drizzle and off on the

Pennine Way

Ok, it looks like after the disappointment of the SWCP, I will be able to do the Pennine Way. Woohoo! My window for getting in the lab for my project will be from next Tuesday, so the plan is to travel to Kirk Yetholm tomorrow night, start the PW on Thursday morning and finish in Edale on Sunday evening (or Monday?). The last minute-ness has meant it's all a bit dissorganised, so technically I don't actually have a map yet, hence I don't know exactly where I'm planning to stay... The Pennine Way is 268 miles, and goes over more proper hills than I would've done on the SWCP. It's less than half the distance, but the days will be much longer so I'm actually expecting it to be tougher. It will be a good challenge though, and thanks to the people who have donated already. So, the eating begins!

A few bits I had forgotten...

Funny how you forget even the really good bits (eg. the zip line on the canyoning!) APEX Race - Sleepmonsters / Likeys: Lucy's APEX:

After APEX...

Well, that was interesting! To save me spending hours and hours on here and you hours and hours reading my babbling, here is what happened... We set off to on 21st May, flew into Zurich, delayed the Swiss travel system by loading and unloading our kit in Bern, and eventually arrived in Interlaken Spent a few days building bikes, shopping, preparing and packing our bags On Tues 24th we got the maps, and on the morning of 25th May the Prologue started... 4 x 90min sections. Our first section was the "Trotti Bikes", basically big scooters! We struggled a little with these, except JC who had used them before. Then, during the hottest part of the 30°C+ day we set off on parts 2 and 3 of the prologue, a 9km then an 11km off road run. We ran well and weren't too far behind the leaders in our group of teams. The final part of the prologue was rafting. This was non-competitive apart from a section in the middle when we were timed. It was my favourite part of the day, main