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Un petit velo... Paris to Nantes

As part of my research work I am required to attend and present at academic conferences, which is a great perk of the academic life and often leads to travel to interesting places. Sometimes it is possible to extend the trip a little and do some exploring or racing... Last year I attended a conference in Tokyo and was able to add on a few extra days in Japan in order to run the Mt Fuji race, this year the European part of the same conference took place in Nantes, not quite as far but still an opportunity for a good trip! I didn't find any interesting races at the right time, so decided on a bike trip from Paris. I have never done any cycle touring before, but over the months read up a bit and the the help of eBay set up my bike with front and rear panniers and bags. I also had to carry a padded bike bag (for the way back), so this meant the last-minute addition of a rucksack. Day 0: Paris – St Savouir des Bois (50km) I left Sheffield, got the train to St Pancreas, then the Eurosta