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100km review - Scott Supertrac Ultra RC

The Supertrac Ultra RC is the newest shoe from Scott. I'm a very lucky boy and was allowed a pair to try for a month before they go on sale (from 18th July you can get a pair from Accelerate ). I promised to write a full review after 100km... I've actually run closer to 200 in them, so it's time I got typing! A few highlights from one month with the Supertrac Ultra RC 16th June: Discovery Oooh lovely new shoes. At this stage they were very secret and had to be camouflaged. I didn't actually run in them, but they score highly on looking pretty. 17th June: First Run Not really long enough to fully test them, but straight out of the box they felt really comfortable, with good grip on dry rock and plenty of cushioning. And they do look nice. 22nd June: First proper long run A very hot evening, beautiful weather. Bob Graham leg 1 supporting Kirk Hardwick as part of the Dark Peak machine. The shoes were great, comfy on the road and trail up out of Keswick, pl