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The Three Peaks Yacht Race 2018

Last year's 3PYR was a memorable one: Particular parts that have stayed with me in the intervening months are: The time spent on sandbanks, and one particular sandbank which we shared (in close proximity!) with two other boats in the middle of the night The slow progress and eventual triumph of our passage through the Menai Straits Completing Ben Nevis with a sailor rather than a runner Not really winning any trophies! Those who are familiar with this race will know that 1, 2 and 3 are very regular occurrences, but point 4 is very rare... There really are plenty of trophies available! Well, this year everything changed: We didn't hit even one sandbank, we didn't go through the Menai Straits, we didn't go to the top of Ben Nevis, and we won loads of trophies (this pleases the skipper)! As last year I will try to tell the story primarily with photos, and I apologise if I have ordered things incorrectly as I tend to do this after multi-day events... -