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Marmot Dark Mountains. Take 2...

Last year Jim Mann and I raced in the Marmot Dark Mountains overnight mountain marathon, which was a fantastic event based at Muncaster Castle in the Lake District. The race was great fun, but the result (DNF due to missing a control we couldn't find) was not ideal - full story here . This year the event was based in Glossop in the Peak District, so it would've been rude not to have another go! Finishing Dark Mountains 2013 The weather on Saturday morning was good, cold but bright and sunny - perfect for a long overnight bogtrot. Sadly by the time Jim arrived in Sheffield it was raining and blowing a gale, having recently finished hailing. We packed our kit, drank some coffee and planned our navigational strategy. This was simple: We would run slowly , study the map carefully and think about our route choices well (the emphasis is for my own purposes...). With this strategy firmly imprinted on our minds we headed over to Glossop. Lots of fast teams had entered the

Weekend photos

Just thought I'd stick up a couple of photos from the last week or so... At the weekend we attended our friends Al and Gemma's wedding at Glenbrook guide centre near Bamford. The service was in Sheffield, about 12 miles away so it seemed a good idea to have a quick run between the two! Last week - running home from Burbage, looking back to the Ox Stones My buttonhole from the wedding. I ran from the church to reception and left my buttonhole on Stanage Pole. Back up there this morning it was still holding on! Riding home from the wedding over Winnats Pass Freezing ride up to Stanage Pole this morning. It was beautiful and sunny down below!

2014... Here we go!

Just a quick one, but I'm very excited about the upcoming year! I spent a morning with coach Stu Hale last week having a look at some races and trying to put together a plan for the year. It's not finalised yet but I certainly have a few exciting events coming up... Dark Mountains overnight Mountain Marathon: I ran this last year with Jim Mann. Since then Jim smashed the winter Bob Graham record (18:18!) and has been running really well. Last year our lack of navigational ability did let us down slightly so we're hoping to have more luck this year. Still, it looks like a great event and I'm looking forward to running with Jim again! Jim and I at the end of last years' Marmot Dark Mountains 3 Peaks Yacht Race: I'm thrilled to say I'll be taking part in this classic event this year. It's one I've always hoped I'd get the chance to do and I can't wait! We will race from Barmouth to Fort William by yacht, on foot over the highest summit