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3 minutes is nowt!

Thanks to Scott, last weekend I was back in Zermatt for the Matterhorn Ultraks race. I ran this race last year and described it as an "incredible race and a brilliant experience in a spectacular setting". I also ran one of the best races I ever have, moving through the field from around 50th to finish 18th. So, this year I was chuffed to be going back, but a little bit worried whether I could do better in 2015. Training over the last few months has gone quite well, but I wondered if I was a bit lacking in hill training. Last year I had the advantage of the Mount Fuji race about 4 weeks before the Matterhorn, this year I had Snowdon... Still, on Friday morning I was on my way to the Alps! After a 4am start, automobiles, planes and trains with incredible views, by the evening my little tent was set up next to Lee Walker's and it was time for some food. We met Chris and Paula Shelton and headed out for Pizza. Lee was also running the 46k, and Chris the 30k. Relaxat

Nicky's Bob Graham Round record - the video!

As I mentioned at the time, Slackjaw Films were present to witness Nicky's record-breaking Bob Graham Round in April. The film has been released today, and is available on the British Mountaineering Council's "BMC TV" website  here ... Congratulations again to Nicky on an amazing run, and thanks for involving me in a great day.

The Matterhorn is coming...

It's now only 3 days till I set off to Zermatt to take part in the Matterhorn Ultraks race for the second time. One year ago I ran probably the best race of my life: I prepared well, rested well, didn't set off too fast or go too hard up the first climb, and gradually got faster over the 46km distance. Let's not get carried away, I wasn't at the front, I ran 5:40 to the winners 4:45, but at the first checkpoint I was in 41st position, and after a great race down the last descent with Eirik Haugsnes (and Emilie Forsberg for a while) I finished 21st, or 18th male, or 5th MU30. The only other race I think I've ran as intelligently was the Fuji Mountain race a month before, when I also finished 21st. Photos from last year (the ones I didn't buy) So, it is with a great deal of excitement but also a little nervousness that I look forward to this Saturday. I can't wait for the race, the location is amazing and the course truly incredible, but I honestly ha