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Oh shittity shit!

I am great at having ideas. I have them all the time - great fantastic ideas about huge long runs and how wonderful finishing them would feel. Often I get distracted and forget them, sometimes I shorten them, and occasionally I see sense, but sometimes I actually get round to committing to a date and saying I'll give them a try. That's when I wonder whether they were actually good ideas at all. They suddenly take on a life of their own and become quite scary. Suddenly there's loads to do and I don't feel anywhere near as strong as when I had the idea. Alternative easy options creep in... "Maybe I need a weekend off?", "I need to repair those windows, paint the kitchen, and the car will never get done if I spend all my time running.". On the path from idea to startline, this hump is the biggest challenge. Once you're over it and you realise it's all just for fun, your mates are ready to come and help regardless of the outcome, and there ar