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Video time!

Just a quick one, forgot to put a link to the little video I've made on here, here it is... I'll make a proper one when I have time, and if it's good enough you might even see it at ShAFF next year!

Sheffield Telegraph and BBC interview...

It was good fun today to go back to the Rony Robinson show on BBC Radio Sheffield, although he was jolly rude about it taking longer than I told him it would! The interview is downloadable here , along with the original one from before I set off. There's also a good article on the run in today's Sheffield Telegraph, and on their website here... Thanks to both for your support!

Big Alps Run - a short (ish) summary!

So, here it is... A short summary of a very long run! I have been back for a few days and have many photos, videos and diaries to work my way through. There's a lot more to say, so maybe one day there will be a longer write-up or a nice video medley, but here we go for now... Big Alps Run – A month in tights... As some of you may know, this summer I was taking on another challenge to raise money for Water for Kids, in order to help their brilliant work in securing clean water for the world's poorest communities to continue. The challenge this time was to run  across the Alps, from Vienna in Austria in an easterly direction to Lake Geneva, then south to finish in Nice on the Mediterranean coast. It would be a journey of over 1000 miles, through six countries, running solo and carrying my tent and camping gear. I planned to run off road as much as possible, over cols, passes and mountain summits. I flew to Vienna and on the morning of 12 th May left t