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Small moments of joy!

This post is a very brief celebration of the unexpected delights in life. Today, until I opened the fridge to get some cheese for a sandwich, I'd completely forgotten I had leftover lasagne for lunch. This completely changed my attitude to the day, from feeling sick of looking for a job, tired and grumpy about doing a hill session later, to positive and excited about both! So there we go.

Runners against Rubbish

Good morning friends, This moring is an exciting one - it sees the launch of my charity, Runners against Rubbish . When out running, I am often disappointed at the amount of rubbish I see discarded. Some of it is general rubbish, but some is clearly dropped by those of us out enjoying the hills (Gel tops are a classic example). In an effort to try and do something about this, I have founded RaR. We hope that runners will sign up and take our three-point pledge: 1. I will never drop any rubbish and will always take my rubbish to a bin 2. I will encourage others not to drop rubbish 3. I will pick up rubbish when I see it and am able to do so Of course, the vast majority of runners are conscientious and would never drop rubbish, so this pledge is nothing new, but it's all about raising awareness, and eventually making it so socially unacepptable that even those who currently do drop rubbish can be reached. The way we propose to do this is through the tried and tested mediu