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ShAFF is coming...

This year's Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) takes place on 9th - 11th March this year, but before that there are some "Expert" nights - one of which is focusing on Ultra running, and features me! Nik Cook is hosting the event on 9th Feb, and I will be talking alongside Dan Shrimpton and fellow Team Accelerate-er Caz Bullard. The film festival itself features some brilliant films and talks from the likes of Angela Mudge and Jethro Lennox, here's the trailer... Everyone who went to the festival last year and the year before said they would go again, so come and see us on 9th Feb, then get yourself there a month later! Click on  to read more and book tickets.

Not a great start...

Yesterday was the first Open5 this year, and the first in the south... We were on the Quantock hills in Somerset. This should have been good news for me as I had been here a few times before (Lorna's parents live there), but things didn't quite go to plan... I was excited at the start, as it would be my first ride out on my new bike. I entered, sorted my gear out, and elected to ride first. It was a 2km uphill ride from registration to the start, but by just after 10 I was ready to go! I dibbed the start, was given my control description sheet and started to mark them onto my map. A few minutes later I had marked the bike controls and set off, the points were split 350 / 250 so I thought I'd spend maybe 3 hrs on the bike. I went straight along a good track to CP17, no worries, then carried on to CP19, where I had a nightmare and couldn't find it. After a while I decided not to waste any more time and carried on to CP20. From there on to 18, but half way down a rocky d