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Support from Mark Beaumont

In 2008 Mark Beaumont broke the world record for cycling around the world, covering 18,000 miles in 195 days. Earlier this year he completed a ride the length of the Americas from Alaska to Argentina, climbing Mount Mckinley and Aconcagua along the way. During these trips he has also raised around £20,000 for charity. I went to see one of Mark's inspirational talks about these adventures earlier this year, and afterwards spoke to him about the Big Alps Run. He was interested in the challenge and is now supporting me, and had this to say... 'The Big Alps Run is an inspired and quite incredible ambition - my very best wishes for what will be a gruelling mental and physical feat. Congratulations also Stuart for your fund raising for Water for Kids. Such great missions don't happen without the help of others so congratulations goes to your backers as well.'

A Birthday Treat

For anyone who isn't familiar with the Bob Graham Round, it starts in Keswick and is a circuit of 42 peaks around the Lake District, covering anywhere between 65 and 72 miles, the aim being to finish back in Keswick within 24 hours. The route is split into five legs, finishing at Threlkeld, Dunmail Raise, Wasdale Head and Honister Pass. At these points most people have a support team to help feed and water them, as well as a few pacers to run each leg with them and assist with navigation. Spot the odd one out Pudsey is only a small town but we have two running clubs. I run for Pudsey Pacers, but we also have Pudsey and Bramley. As it is P&B's centenery this year the club wanted to have a mass Bob Graham attempt, and get as many runners around in a group as possible. So after being interested for a long time and a few disastrous half-attempts in the past, I found myself a lone Pacer outside Moot Hall with a large group of Pudsey and Bramley runners, at 7pm on my 25th birt