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Well I tried!

I might've mentioned ... The Fellsman is pretty much my favourite race in the world. It’s long, tough, low key, (relatively) cheap and has a long and fascinating history. And after a couple of years off, it was great to see the race back this year. After winning the last race in 2019 I would have the honour of wearing race number 1, so though it’s now a long way from home there was no way I wasn’t going to be there! In the weeks leading up to the race I finally got the trophies engraved and tried to brush up on the route. Recces weren’t possible so I’d have to rely on my memory and mapreading, neither of which are renowned. Last minute revision   After the trip up on Friday, I got my kit signed off then retired to the car faff with it, eat some dinner and sleep. A week or so before the race my pile of food suffered when Buddy got into the room and ate a quite incredible amount of stuff in a very short period of time. 3 Yorkies, 3 Snickers bars, at least one flapjack and a good pi