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This is incredible!

Go forward to 44 minutes...

First race, and plenty to work on...

Apart from a club 5k time trial last thursday, the Open 5 at Sutton Bank on sunday was my first race of 2011. I raced the 5 hour run/bike event with George Bullard. We're racing four of these events this year and this was our first together. After much debate we decided to run first, thinking that it would be easier to mark our maps and plan a route whilst running than biking. We realised more points were available for the bike than the run so decided to split our time 2hrs run / 3hrs bike. The weather felt really cold at the start but soon got warm once we were on the go, and there were some great views from the high points of the route. The run went well, with only a small navigational error towards the end which saw us carry on slightly past the finish (we were in some woods, not just blind) we were back into transition, having got all but one controls in 2:14. A quick transition (2 mins 47) and out on the bikes. From here things went a bit downhill... First we tried to go u

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm aware there is quite possibly no-one reading, but sometimes a blog is useful just to write down thoughts and get things sorted in my head. This is one of these times. So 2011 has come around quickly... Am I ready for the Alps? Training - Going well. First Adventure Race of the year on Sunday... Route - Sorted. Kit - Sorted. Fundraising - Slight sticking point... Currently I have raised nothing, this is no use to Water for Kids! I need to get more publicity, be in some magazines and stuff, and get people interested enough to sponsor me. In order to do this I have a plan. Influential friends will be contacted and I will try to get articles published and generally generate a bit of interest around the event. By doing this I think I can get sufficient interest to raise £10,000. However, I think to do this I will need to leave the main event until 2012. I'm reluctant to do this as I am ready, but if I do it this year I won't raise as much m