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Winter (most of) Edale Skyline

Yesterday a few of us set off to have a go at a snowy run round the Edale Skyline Route. Lucy was ill so Rhys, Wil and I set off from Edale. Wil cut off after a while and went to play with his cross country skis. Rhys and I got a Mam Nick and decided to head back  from there as the weather turned and the remaining route was mainly ridge running. The last time I ran the race it took 3:37, yesterday took us 3:43! Running is slower when there is snow. But we had a great run around the first half... Ringing Roger, Jaggers Clough, Win Hill, down to Hope, back up to Lose Hill and along the ridge through Hollins Cross to Mam Tor then down to Mam Nick and back to Edale... About 13 miles and 2700ft climb in total. The snow varied from about an inch to waist deep, sometimes from one footstep to the next!  Wil and Rhys mount Roger  Win Hill  Back into Edale Rhys handles the pace... Rectified by Easy Rider and Chips