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The results!

...And here is the result of the photography (video-wise anyway!). Seems I need to run down stairs quicker! You can check out all the new Inov8 gear at , or

Lovely new gear

I never imagined myself as a clothing model, but yesterday I found myself doing just that! Well, sort of... it wasn't normal clothing, it was some lovely new running kit from Inov-8. Inov-8 had sent  Accelerate  some of their new clothing range a few weeks before it goes on sale, and I was lucky enough to be given it to test, wear for some photos, and generally promote! Hence an afternoon wearing the full range, from shorts and t-shirt (appropriate for the weather) to full waterproofs and long tights (a bit warm!), while running up and down the Rivelin valley and having some photos taken. The kit looks great, I haven't worn much of it in anger yet but I ran in the shorts today and broke my Lose Hill record, which must be a good omen! Training is going well and I am looking forward to running the Long  Tour of Bradwell in August, which I have been recce-ing to make sure I avoid a disaster like last year... So here we go, the beginnings of my modelling career? Ma

A grand holiday in the Pyrenees!

On Monday we got back from a great fortnight's holiday in the Pyrenees. The last two days have been spent frantically catching up with work but this morning I'm going to put off the real world for a few minutes to talk about the trip... It was a bit of a break from daily training, though I still ran quite a lot, and we spent most of the time at reasonable altitude. Our home for most of the time was, once again, our little camper Noddy van, who again proved herself to be a fine machine: We crossed on the ferry from Plymouth to Santander and set off east to Pamplona. It turned out we had arrived in just after some of the worst weather at this time of year for a long time, and as we went further east we saw whole sections of road which had been washed away, and a few little villages which had clearly been devastated by the high water. Pamplona was cool but we were keen to get the the mountains, and the next day headed to Font Romeu, where I am told a certain Mr. Jornet li