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Lucho Dillitos

Right then, a food review... This blog is branching out! Well, slightly... the food in question is a new running / cycling snack called a "Lucho Dillitos". Lucho whatcha? First things first, I'll save you the Google translation. Lucho Dillitos is Spanish for "I fight little boys" ( try it! ) This is surely a strong start. Ingredients As you are no doubt aware, energy food has changed over the last few years. Gloopy gels assembled in a laboratory from 57 unpronouncable ingredients have their place, but the discerning runist or cycler now looks for the shortest ingredients list and the most natural products. Here the little boy fighter scores well again. He contains only two things: 85% fruit and 15% sugar. Guava rating: 5/5 Energy But, with all that health in him, how much energy will he give you? The Lucho contains 88kcal and 22.5g carbs. For comparison, a Nature Valley bar I found in the cupboard contains 143kcal but only 12.9g carbs (and a