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I'm Simon Walkden!

You join me in a quandry... It's Sunday evening and I have a little spare time to start a blog about yesterday's High Peak 40 while I watch Sebastian Vettel win the Singapore Grand Prix (thanks BBC for telling us the result before showing the race! Hmm...). However, there are as yet no official HP40 results or, crucially, photos. We all know blogs without photos are pretty boring, so what to do?? I will use random pictures! This one is a dog called Troy. With an 8am start time, the High Peak 40 requires an early alarm. I left home by 6 and arrived at registration in Buxton school sports hall - unfortunately the organisers appeared to have no record of my entry, my number apparently belonged to a man called Simon Walkden. I was reassured by the lady that Bill would sort it out, which he of course did and before I knew it I was standing in the park ready for the off. On the startline I was surrounded by talented runners, Duncan Harris was favourite for the race, Charlie S

The end of summer?

I've just realised it's been a month since I wrote a blog, so it seemed a good time to have a think about what I've been doing... The weekdays seem to have been taken up with work (shock horror!) and the weekends with weddings, so it's been a month of squeezing training in around other things. One of the weddings happened to be that of Stu and Debs from Accelerate, it was a great day in the Peak with plenty of games, dancing, food and beer! Unsurprisingly there were many runners in attendance, such as a certain England mountain runner spotted here trying a new sport... Training-wise we've been trying to get some speed into my legs. I'm not sure how well it's worked, but there have been a few tough sessions so I hope it has at least helped! It's been all training though as I have not raced since Bradwell, so I'm looking forward to some competitive running on 21st September. I have also spent some time on preparations for the Adventure Racing