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Not a review of the year

Apparently last year I wrote a long rambling "review of the year" type thing... I'm a bit disappointed in myself for doing that, so massive soz to any of you who may have read it. I feel I should close the year with some sort of blog though, so I am going to write something. It's called "Lots of hills and no hills at all", and it's about two bits of running I did recently. Before I start, I would like to point out a couple of blogs vastly more worthy of your time. The first is Runners against Rubbish , a wonderful little charity aiming to... OK it's me again. But the posts are shorter. The second is a genuine recommendation - Callum Rowlinson. I don't really know Callum, I beat him once and he has subsequently beaten me many more times, but his blog is great. It's mostly about dogs and slightly about running (which he mostly does fast). I enjoy it a lot: Callum and I, apparently deep in prayer, a