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Fourth time lucky?? The Long Tour of Bradwell 2013

As I mentioned in my last post, yesterday was the Long Tour of Bradwell. After a disastrous Wuthering Hike and an enjoyable Fellsman this would be my third counter in the UK ultra champs this year. It's a fantastic route around an area I run through regularly, but it's a race in which I have had mixed results before - actually not really mixed, mainly just bad! - 2010: The first year I ran the race and right at the beginning of my running, I was amazed at the speed at which Jon Morgan shot off. He knew the route a lot better than anyone else and ran on to a clear win. I finished 14th in 6:02. - 2011: The following year my stomach caused me problems - I felt really sick and struggled to run much from Cavedale to Aston, but after some nifty hunchback running I did beat my previous time and finished 6th in 5:47. - 2012: Last year I went out fast for the first few checkpoints, then failed spectacularly to find the Druid Stone checkpoint and lost a lot of time, eventually fi

Last week, next week, and the next BIG one...

Last Wednesday, Lorna and I were at a wedding in Skipton, then at the Coniston Cold Hotel. I've driven past this place on my way to the Dales and Lakes many times, but never been in... Well I can confirm it's very nice! After the wedding we headed over to Malham for a couple of days camping... Campsite below Malham Cove The Dales is one of my favourite places in the world, and did not disappoint this time. The weather was mostly great (and occasionally spectacular) - I went out for a couple of amazing evening runs, up onto the Limestone pavement after all the walkers had gone home; as the sun set I had the place to myself! We spent Friday walking around Malhamdale, taking in the Cove, Tarn, Goredale Scar and Janet's Foss then had a fantastic dinner at The Angel in Hetton. It was on the way back that the spectacular weather occured, with sheet lightning illuminating the sky as we tried to avoid all the little hedgehogs on the road! Goredale Scar After returnin