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The 3 Peaks Yacht Race: In photos (mostly)

For once, I took the nice camera with me, so I've decided that my 3 Peaks blog will involve minimal words and lots of photos.
I have raced this race a couple of times before, but this time was part of a new team. Wild Spirit is our skipper Paul Jackson's boat, but due to logistics we were racing on a chartered boat from Ireland (Sherkin II), under the team name Wild Spirit. Sailing with Paul we had Tom and John, and Wil Spain and I would be the runners. Thanks to Wil for stepping in at the last minute when Hugh Aggleton's injury became too serious to race.
The final member of our team was Judith, who would be our shore support crew and would bring the bikes round to Whitehaven. All the hard work without the fun bits - thank you Judith!

So, at 2pm on (a very sunny) Saturday a flare was fired and the 40th anniversary 3 Peaks Yacht Race was underway! We had a reasonable start and crossed the line at the far edge. We were all pleased to be underway and pleased to be sailing r…

Your first Ultra

Hi everybody,

This is a jolly special blog - it's specifically aimed at you ATR runners who are getting ready to tackle your first Ultra. Maybe you're reading this yourselves, or maybe Stu, Debs, Darryl or Lee are reading it out to you.
If so, I would like to request it is read in a big boomy Brian Blessed voice.

I'm sure that you don't actually need me to tell you any of this, as in those four people you have a great deal of experience and knowledge, but since I said I'd come then realised I'm away, it seemed rude not to participate. I'll try to keep it short and vaguely interesting. If you strongly disagree or have any really difficult questions please direct them to any (other) member of the panel.

I think this is one a lot of you are worried about, so let's deal with it first. Yes, food for running longer is different to what you might eat on a short run. There is no single answer that works for everyone or every race, but it's not too compli…