The "I" word

I started running in about 2003, when I first came to Sheffield and discovered the Peak District. At first it was an occasional distraction from a concentrated lifestyle of drinking, wasting taxpayers money, and not really doing any work. Over time I started to run a little more, drink a little less, and perhaps work a little harder. Then, through friends at the University orienteering and fell running club I started a bit of racing, which turned into more racing and longer races. Over the next few years the running addiction seriously took hold. Fast forwards to 2015 and I have great support from Accelerate and Scott, a coach and a training schedule. Running is now very different. However, there's one thing I've always dreaded and up to now managed to avoid... Injury.

Not any more. Let's not get too overexcited, it's not serious and all my limbs remain attached, but after a persistent ache in the inner upper part of my right leg (can you tell I didn't study anatomy?!) I saw Pete the physio at the Accelerate Performance Centre yesterday. I have a tendinopathy of the adductor longus. Googling this produces many gory photos of legs cut open, and a few which show the location of the muscle - including this one from the classic website

So, what's the point of all this? Well, I started running, and kept running, because I enjoy it. Over time I've also come to enjoy competition, but fundamentally I just like to run. For this reason, I've always dreaded injuring myself such that I couldn't run, and had many joking conversations with Lorna about what a nightmare I'd be if this did ever happen!

The treatment for my injury is rest, ice, and no running for 4 weeks, the longest period I've gone without running for about 12 years. It will be a new experience, and I would like publicly apologise for whatever I turn into without my daily fix. The saving grace is that I can at least ride my bike a little, which might just preserve my sanity. Early indications are that I will use all this new spare time to cook and write long rambling blog posts about nothing in particular...


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