So apparently I'm going to Antigua...

Next week was supposed to be a nice gentle taper week in preparation for the High Peak Marathon, which takes place next weekend. However, after a late dropout and an unrefusable offer from the skipper of Spirit of Juno, I will be flying to Antigua on Thursday to take part in the RORC Caribbean 600 yacht race.

The weather in Sheffield has been pretty good for the last few days and the running from our new house is fantastic, but a trip to the Caribbean to race in such a prestigious event was an opportunity I couldn't turn down... Spirit of Juno is a 65 foot racing yacht operated by OnDeck, and skippered in this race by Paul Jackson, whose own boat Wild Spirit I raced the Fastnet a few years ago. Paul is also my Father-in-law, hence asking me when he needed someone who could take a bit of time off at short notice... Thanks Paul!

Spirit of Juno
It's all been a bit rushed so to be honest I don't know a great deal about the race at the moment, but it's 600 nautical miles in length, and will see us slaloming in and out of Caribbean islands for probably around four days. The race and Spirit of Juno can be followed on the RORC website, here.

I'll leave it at that for now as I've pretty much exhausted my knowledge of the race, but I'll make sure I write up a full blog about the race when I get back!


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