Ultraks is coming!

It doesn't feel like long since I got back from Mt Fuji, in fact it was so recent that the race T-shirt is still in the post, but it's now only a week until my next big race, the Matterhorn Ultraks. This is another huge event, which I think will eclipse Fuji as the biggest race I've ever taken part in. I'll be sharing the startline with some real top European runners and it will be interesting to find out how I stack up against these guys (and girls!).

Awesome. We don't actually go to the top (leave that to Kilian!)

The race starts in Zermatt, from where we climb about 1500m straight up to the highest point of the race, the Gornergrat at 3130m. From there we still have 31km or so to go via another couple of 600m climbs, and a couple of 200m ones... Giving a total ascent of about 3600m. So it's further than Fuji, and with more ascent, and this time we're descending too. It's a proper Skyrace.

Up and down and up and down and up and down and up and then down with a bit of up!

I've been invited to run the race by Scott, and I'm really grateful to them for the invitation. I think I'll also be running in a pair of their new Trail Rocket shoes, which look perfect for the Matterhorn terrain. I'll report back on how they go. Training since Fuji has gone well with a good few 1000m+ ascent days and I think I'm feeling pretty strong on the climbs, but the race will no doubt be really really hard. It's also going to be another amazing experience, I can't wait to get going... See you there!


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