A new challenge!

...well not exactly new, but I haven't done much marshalling. However, I decided it was time to contribute a bit to a race rather than just running them all the time, so I volunteered to marshal at Sunday's re-arranged Edale Skyline fell race.

I was positioned just after the Brown Knoll summit checkpoint, which if you know the course is about 3/4 of the way round. It was a great point to watch the race from, and after I'd set up my tent and placed a few flags (to guide the runners down from the summit to my stile) I awaited the leaders...

Not a bad spot to spend a few hours!
 They arrived after about two hours of running, Simon Bailey and Morgan Donnelly at the front, followed two minutes later by Stu Bond, Rob Hope, Rhys and Lloyd Taggart. By the end things had changed though, with Simon winning by a minute from Rob Hope, and Rhys a few seconds behind. Lloyd was 5th and Stu B 6th, easily winning the team prize for Dark Peak.
Simon and Morgan lead the way
The rest of the runners arrived at various speeds over the next two hours or so, but mostly looking like they were enjoying themselves! If you were there, I actually filmed you all come over the stile, so you can have a look at a very speedy version of yourself here. By all means have a look if you didn't run, but it might not be that interesting!

And when you're done, if you have a spare second to vote for me in a competition here on Facebook, I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks :)


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