Sheffield 101010 10k

OK, first of all let's clarify - it's called the 101010 because the first race was on 10th October 2010. The race was such a success it's been carried on and is now in it's third year, taking place this year on 23rd September 2012.

On Friday night we had a few friends round for sausages and a few beers (which became a whiskey tasting session). During the course of the evening some of them talked about a 10k they were doing on Sunday, and with no races this weekend I wondered about an entry on the day. I didn't decide till after my run on Saturday so there wasn't much tapering involved, but come Sunday morning I was on the startline in Endcliffe Park...

Photo from Accelerate
I started in the "sub 40" pen, which happened to be the front one. I wasn't sure of the other guys there so waited just behind the front. We started and I immediately regretted the whole idea, we were climbing a gentle-ish grass bank, the two leaders shot off... I hung with them for a minute then realised it was a case of "see you at the end"!

Behind those two was a man in a Hallamshire vest, then myself and another chap. The course was a two-lapper, and took us out of the first park, then up a very steep bank before a gradual undulating route off road around the back of the park, then onto the tarmac trails back through the parks and looping back to the start/finish. It was a really nice course actually, particularly the woody bit on the way out.

During the first lap I caught the guy in front, but was caught by a man in an orange MS vest, so I stayed 5th. We had a great battle for the rest of the race, I caught him again just before the end of lap one, then he was in front before the climb. At the top of the climb on the second lap I felt truly horrendous and was nearly sick, but held on and caught him again through the trees. The final swap was on the way back through the park though, and that time I had nothing left, so it was 5th for me.

Thanks nouriSH me now for the recovery drink
My time was 36:47, slower than I managed at the Varsity 10k (35:24), so a bit disappointing, but maybe not too bad. The winners flew round in 33:19 and 33:23. It was a great race, good to see so many people out running in Sheffield! Well done Charlotte, Gemma, Anna and Chris, and thanks everyone who was cheering!

Next it's the Hardmoors 60 this weekend, then Red Bull Steeplechase the weekend after...


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