I have had a fun last 10 days... Last week I was skiing in Val Thorens, not a great deal of snow but just about enough for some decent skiing! And of course, the ressurection of the one piece ski suit for "One Piece Wednesday"!

Just before holiday though, I managed to make it over to BETD Goldtec in Newcastle-under-Lyme to collect my new Yeti ARC. It's second hand, but getting it through the shop means it's had a full service and is all lovely and sorted.

Sunday was the first time I got to ride it. Al, JC Nick and I went out for a very hilly 43 mile mountain bike ride. Nick planned lots of checkpoints, and Al planned a route between them. We had a great five hours, even if the last climb was pretty tough! I really enjoyed riding the new bike, it feels more forgiving than the carbon frame so I can be a bit more relaxed downhill. Still need a bit more practice before APEX though!

Last night I also ran a short race, the 4 mile Trunce. It was hard and hurt a lot! To be honest, my aim was not to be beaten by Wil. I passed him not too long after the start but I knew he wouldn't be far away, and coming into the final descent I glanced back and saw him gaining on me... Rubbish! So I gurned and sprinted and managed to stay a few seconds ahead, but only just!


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